Hi there - this is KEITH IVES welcome to my site. Please do feel free to browse as you like. I have not used or worked on the site for some time, but hope to be able to put additional materials that might interest folk. I am always ready to engage or try and answer questions. (ka2508ives@gmail.com) 

I hail from Norfolk: born in Thorpe St Andrews, on the east side of Norwich - I even still try to speak 'native' - occasionally. I was educated at Hillside Avenue School, Thorpe St Andrews and then Thetford Grammar School (1953-1961) before training for the teaching profession at Borough Road College, Isleworth, Middlesex (1961-4). Since then I have taught History/Religious Studies/Sociology/English in secondary schools in Cheshire,London and with a long stay at Beal Hign School, Redbridge,Essex (1971-1997/8).

Over the years I have been blessed with a wife (Val) and two daughters, which took a little challenge to my experience as previous I simply had a brother in the family - mind you that was more than enough for mum!!. I have enjoyed immensely my teaching experiences and have many wonderful memories of the youngsters that passed through my classes; I still enjoy the occasional Facebook reminder of their progress and achievements for which I am grateful.

I took early retirement in 1997, then studied for a Masters degree at the London School of Theology/Brunel University. In 2000 I became pastor/staff elder of Emerson Park Evangelical church in Hornchurch, Essex. Left EPEC in 2004 and my wife,Val,and I were in Tenerife for lengthy stays and able to engage in ministry and pastoral work there.Found out that I had cancer of the kidney and had to have major surgery in 2008. At this time I was able to help Upney Baptist Church, Barking (2008-12) and served as an Elder.

Val and I retired in 2012 and moved to Braintree, Essex to be near the daughters. We were called into leadership at Braintree Evangelical Church, where I serve as pastor. My wife died in June 2015 from cancer and I continue to pastor the church and do a little 'guided reading' in the Junior School where val had been a governor..

I have have had a long hiatus from this web site, but hope to resume publishing.

I have a passion for understanding and sharing the history of the Christian Church and love to engage with any who have a concern to see the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ being displayed in our contemporary society.


This gives some details of my published book (2011)


Having written and published a book on Sir William Robertson Nicoll (1851-1923) and because of the constraints of publishing, I had to leave out the whole of the Appendix and some other valuable materials. This site was started with a view to making available the extra materials. I have and am writing other historical/biographical materials that I trust will be of interest to readers. I am interested if folk have comments or contributions to make - I can be contacted through my email - ka2508ives@gmail.com

On the next page 'The book and reviews' is the publisher's flier to my book, followed by an idex of some of the material that formed an 'Appendix' in my study of the life of Williiam Robertson Nicoll, but it was found there was insufficient space in the chosen format of the book to include these items. This material is made available on this web-site and I shall hope to add various articles and studies subsequently.

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